Fantasy Football trade RG3 for Arian Foster?

Asked: Fantasy Football trade RG3 for Arian Foster?

I want to offer but I want some advice before i do it

I Give —> RG3, (Rashard Mendenhall/Ryan Matthews)
I get —> Arian Foster, Michael Vick

My team:
QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Robert Griffin III
RB Fred Jackson
RB Willis Mcgahee
RB Ryan Matthews
RB Rashard Mendenhal
WR Dwayne Bowe
WR Andre Johnson
WR Marques Colston
WR Stevie Johnson
WR Mike Williams
TE Vernon Davis
K Garett Hartley
DEF Eagles
DEF Texans

His team:
QB Michael Vick
QB Jay Cutler
RB Cedric Benson
RB Ahmed Bradsaw
RB Matt Forte
RB Arian Foster
RB Toby Gerhart
RB DeAngelo Williams
WR Antonio Brown
WR Michael Crabtree
WR Greg Jennings
TE Jason Tamme
TE Jason Witten
K David Akers
DEF New York Jets

Just want to know if you were him would you accept that trade, and is there anyway I can improve the trade?


You're smart to want to leverage your QB strength, butif I were this guy, there's no way I'd accept this trade.Foster is by far the best player on his team, and he's not desperate enough at QB to do something like this.Where he's a trainwreck is at WR.I'm not sure why he thinks he can get by with only 3 of them, none of whom is a legit good starter.But you're not really solid enough there to give one up.

He may not be a good trading partner for you because his team is so unbalanced.Since you don't need Vick, you could try a simple 1-1 trade where you aim for whichever RB you think is second to Foster.I'd go with Benson or Bradshaw, myself.You want someone not likely to have a timeshare and these guys fit the bill, with Benson the least likely.

absolutely man, vick will turn it up like he did the second half of last year and arian is a beast… you gotta do the trade
If I were your opponent I wouldn't take the trade.Maybe Cutler instead of Vick would even it out.
I would trade RG3 and mendenhall for Vick and Foster….

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