Fantage Series Tryouts!

Girls:Angel the most popular girl in school dating Andrew. Jane: Angels best friend really wants to be the most popular girl in school Ella: Not really popular but really pretty friends with everyone but the popular people. Tiffany: Elles bfffl very talkitive. Blair: Matts Ex girls friend very nice and stands up for her friend Boys" Branden: Very popular and funny likes Ella used to go out with her. (taken) Matt: One of the geeky kids likes Ella, gets popular later. Dustin: The gay guy in school that everyone likes gives advice to people he cares for. Andrew: Angels BF very mean like Angel. Others" There has to be at least 2 teachers one boy one girl People to play the parents are also required Im sorry but the charicters have to either have ecoins or a membership Alright, ask in the comments below who you want to be. I will release the first season after we finish season 2 so we can release a video once a week. Thanks!

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