Face Chart Tutorial: Creating a "Special Occasion" Look

Dustin Hunter Face Charts $10.50 USD / 20pk Introductory price available for a LIMITED TIME! Available from: www.dustyohunter.com Watch my video on these face charts here: www.youtube.com See a demonstration of how I create a wearable, "every day" look on one of these face charts in this video: www.youtube.com NOTE: If you want more than 1 pack, just let me know and I can invoice you through PayPal for two with only the single shipping charge. Orders of more than two will require a shipping estimate. Contact for more information: dustin@dustinhunter.com Read my post on working with face charts (tips and tricks) here: dustyohunter.com Just a quick video here to show you what it looks like when I'm working on a face chart — Make sure you check out the post on da BLOG, where I give you some more detailed tips and tricks from choosing the proper tools, to application technique. I didn't mention this in the video but when I'm done with these, I'll often set them with a setting spray — NOT the kind that you'd use for your face, but the kind you pick up at an art supply/craft store that's used to set drawings made with pencil, chalk, charcoal, etc. I claim no copyright to this character, originally created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema for Marvel Comics in 1980. Marvel holds the copyright and publishing rights to She-Hulk, this is just a loving tribute to one of my favorite — and too often overlooked — characters in the comic universe. Music featured is <b>…</b>

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