ER told me I have hydrocephalus and released me without any advice/treatment. Should I be concerned?

Asked: ER told me I have hydrocephalus and released me without any advice/treatment. Should I be concerned?

Apparently when they released me, they said that I had a small amount of fluid at the base of my skull near my spinal cord, and that I was hydro-cephalic. Everything I've read about hydrocephalus is that there is no "mild" case and that it always needs treatment.

I have constant migraines, nausea, tremendous pain in my eyes – around the entire orbit/the back of my eye especially, I've been in the hospital for runs of Vtach, and have frequent PVCs which cause pain in my chest and head (I was told I'm still perfectly healthy). My vision has slowly been deteriorating and I see "light halos" and "light flashes" very frequently. My cognizance is always "fuzzy"… I can't remember much of anything most of the time, especially names of things, times and dates, or details – following a conversation is nearly impossible, even if I try my hardest. I'm very irritable when there is absolutely no reason to be. (E.G. Get a full night's sleep after a day where I had a good workout [I do both anaerobic and aerobic exercise], eat healthy, take vitamins, have no reason to be anxious or stressed) I have sinus issues and constantly have a tremendous post-nasal drip going. I have arthritic symptoms to the point where my current doctor believes it may be rheumatoid arthritis.. I don't know if all of this is related.

What bothers me is the fact that I am a very healthy person for the most part. Every time I go to a doctor/hospital they tell me I'm perfectly healthy, yet things that make me uneasy are constantly coming up with me.

I've been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and a slew of other things – it's always different, and I've even had the same doctor just up and change his diagnosis.

I have hit my heard very hard twice, without medical attention – in retrospect, I regret this very much. I'm very sure that I had a concussion both times. The first time, I was running full speed and was clothes-lined across the chest with a chain that I didn't see – I flung backwards at full speed bashing the back of my head off of the concrete. I woke up some time later with a dog yapping in my face. Went home, had a fever and felt terribly miserable for the rest of the night and a few days proceeding. I think there were other physical and some mental issues after this, but I can't remember.

Another time, I was on a bunk bed in a college dorm that was approximately 8 – 10 feet up, I went to jump out of the top bunk, and my legs become entangled in the comforter – I toppled over backwards and yet again, hit my head with tremendous force. I woke up hours later feeling horrible and with weird vision issues. These both happened in a short period of time, and ever since, I've noticed a decline in cognitive ability and physical comfort in general.

I guess my question is if there a possibility that my hydrocephalus isn't as minor as the doctor who did my MRI made it out to be, and could it be causing all of this? Or do you think that I'm being hyperbollic? The doctors didn't really like me since I was a sobbing abrasive mess when they saw me (I don't remember that night at all) and for some reason, even though on my online health chart, everything is listed, that visit and those test results are not…. My mom told me all of the information pertaining to the visit (The MRI, the hydrocephalus, etc)

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any advice/ideas/criticism. icon smile ER told me I have hydrocephalus and released me without any advice/treatment. Should I be concerned?


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