Either LEAD Or Fail With Women

failing test1 300x164 Either LEAD Or Fail With Women

Women want a man who can smoothly lead her
and the interaction. That means that you need
to take the initiative, come up with the plans,
and expect her to follow you.

When women resist your leadership take it as
a test. you pass her test if you respond with
positivity, persistence, and light-heartedness.

You FAIL the test if you get dejected, give up,
or fall into a dark mood.

dating lead 300x139 Either LEAD Or Fail With Women

Whatever you do don’t give up your leadership
Concentrate on changing her mood not
her mind
and then start leading again.

Leadership, like all things in life, is a skill that
that takes PRACTICE. Study it, think about it, and
most importantly… DO IT!

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