Drew Q – New God Flow

Artist: Drew Q Follow me on instagram – @whozdrew Email: AndrewQ329@gmail.com Not new to writing music but new to recording.. slowly but surely ill get this locked down. This isn't my way to escape a struggle im not selling crack or live in the streets.. but its my passion to write music, and i wont stop until i make it. Credit to my girlfriend for helping me put this together Follow her Instagram : @Nancyay Lyrics: this gon hurt a couple feelings to people wasting time in those buildings i learned the hard way, if u wana get paid and pull up, in coupes, with no ceilings spending money on those credits to put money in ya debit if you know your shit is hot u aint even gotta sweat it pick up a mic and rock it watch me blow up like a rocket aint happy to see u baby thats just money in my pocket new god flow how u gon stop it sick of all semesters sick of all the lectures sick of getting pressured by professors to do better im already doing me and i aint putting any effort is easy rocking yeezys camo shorts shirts with the leopard i just do this for myself give a fuck about them hoes this that world is mine shit, new god flow

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