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You only get one chance to make a first impression; cliche, but true. And here’s the good news for all my boys out there..

Physical attractiveness is not so important to women when it comes to making a first impression & sparking attraction with beautiful women. All you need is to look like you take care of yourself and pay attention to detail. In other words, you need to be fashion-aware. You don’t need to go all “metro” just show women that you have style and taste.

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Why is fashion important for men? Just think about the time and thought women put into fashion. It only makes sense that they will notice the way you put yourself together and form opinions based on that.

Solution: Invest a small amount of time learning about fashion and start presenting yourself in a way that shows “you get it”.

How?: Pick up some GQ magazines, Men’s Vogue, Details, etc. Pick out some things you’d be comfortable wearing and go buy it or something similar.

Bottomline: Start dressing in a way that gives you a sense of confidence and shows that you have an understanding of aesthetics… style.. and taste.


A. Go to Banana Republic and pick out a good pair of shoes. Women notice shoes more than anything. Get a brown pair as they look great with anything except for black.

B. Buy a belt that matches the shoes. ALWAYS match your belt with your shoes.

C. Get a nice peacoat. It’s great look for winter.

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D. Make sure all your clothes fit: Snug, but not tight. ALWAYS go for a tailored look, never baggy.

E. If you want sneakers get a pair of chuck taylors, jack purcells, or something similar. Don’t wear basketball shoes unless you’re playing b-ball and don’t wear running shoes unless you’re jogging.

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F. Don’t wear sweat socks unless you’re in the gym! Trust me, this is very offensive to hot women.

David Gideon

P.S. A great date idea is to call a fashionable woman you’ve met and tell her you’re going shoe shopping and she can tag along as long as she promises to not give any bad fashion advice (cocky-funny humor).

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