Dr. Phil Vs The Mystery Method Part 2

Dr. Phil vs Mystery Method Part 2

Ok, so what’s the point of telling girls stories? The point is to demonstrate value without bragging. Some things you want to convey in your stories is that you’re a leader of men, have a fun life, adventurousness, have cool friends, have female friends, you protect your loved ones, other girls want you, etc.

Can you think of any situations where you took the lead? How about when you stood up for a loved one? Have you done any traveling? Do you do anything that’s fun or adventurous? Ok, now write those things down. Those can be included in your stories.

You never want to brag.. it’s a huge turn off. Instead include your great qualities and accomplishments as a sidenote in your stories.

For example, “I bet you were one of the mean girls in high school weren’t you!(cold read)… I didn’t really like high school. They forced me into these gifted classes and I was surrounded by nerds. I mean, I liked the classes, but it was no fun at all.” This “mini-story” just conveyed that you’re cool, not a nerd, and intellectually gifted. And since you’re complaining about it you must not be bragging. Think of some good qualities that are true for yourself and include them as sidenotes in your stories.

You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t really have any good stories to tell. The solution to that problem is to get out and do more things. If you think doing something might turn out crazy or lead to some wacky adventure THEN DO IT! It will give you a great story. Just make sure it’s nothing dangerous, duh…

Notice what the beautiful young lady says in this video; She loved the opinion openers… People love it when their opinion is sought.. and they love it even more to be listened to and understood. So, don’t just ask opinions like a social robot and ignore the answer. Don’t think about what you’re going to say next. Don’t act like you’re interested, BE INTERESTED. Be in the moment and stop rushing to get to the future when you interact with a beautiful woman.. enjoy it. Actually listen to her opinion and talk about if for a minute. Then before things begin to slow down, cut the conversational thread and move on.

Dr Phil acually makes a good point in defense of The Mystery Method.. A defense which is totally shocking to me in and of itself. When a woman in the audience says the techniques are good, but it’s not natural because it was learned from someone else, Dr. Phil says that she, as a woman, learned how to dress nice, put on makeup, and behave socially from someone else too.

A guy might be great on the inside, but unless he learns how to elegantly convey his good qualities with confidence and charisma.. Nobody will ever take the time to uncover them on his behalf.

To learn more about the Mystery Method click here: Mystery Method Info

David Gideon

P.S. Feel free to copy and paste the url to this page to anyone you think might be interested. They’ll owe all their success with women to you!

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