Dr. Phil vs Mystery Method Part 1

Dr. Phil Takes On Mystery Method Part 1

First of all, I’m sure Dr. Phil used the techniques he was exposed to from Mystery Method to get laid.

Now, as I’m listening to these guys deliver their openers and I’m reminded of this axiom; It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. You can literally walk up and say anything… “Hey, what’s up? Gimme a high five.” Or, “I love tofu. You know what I love about tofu the most? It taste like whatever you cook it with!”

The reason you’re talking is to convey your personality, confidence, high status, and to demonstrate value. Your words are just a filler that buy you the time to convey these things. That being said, it’s also important to have interesting things to talk about and to be passionate about the topics you lead into. As a side note, I recommend picking up a magazine you would never look at every time you go into the bookstore and reading the most interesting article. You want to have a little knowledge about everything for the purpose of interesting conversation or at least intelligent questions.

Always have a plan. Think at least three steps ahead and know at least two things you’re gonna bring up after you open. You don’t want to ask a question, get the answer, and then say bye… right? Right. So, for example, you might plan to open the conversation with some opinion opener and then give some kind of cold read about which girl is naughty and which is the good girl. Then you might plan to segway to a palm-read to confirm their answer. Keep this plan loose… If they give you a reply you didn’t expect be prepared to roll with it. You can always implement pieces of your original plan later if things begin to slow down.

The purpose of disqualification is to show that it takes more than good looks to win you over. It’s only meant for girls that are hot or girls who think they’re out of your league. Use your acuity when it comes to things like negging and disqualifying, ok. You want to be playful and tease in a way that’s funny, not mean.

Always always give the time-constraint. It shows that your world doesn’t revolve around them (high status). It also disengages any worry they might have about being stuck with someone wierd, boring, or lame. Another way to offset their worries is to come in with slightly higher energy than the group. You want to increase their fun, not bring it down, ya know.

Most important point of this video: Girls do not reject you personally, they reject your approach.
also: starting off a conversation with a very attractive woman with interview style questions is super-dork-extra-lame.. Unless you already have attraction.. And even then you better start teasing, push-pulling, qualifying, indicating interest, kino-escalating, etc. before she gets bored and LOSES the attraction due to overwhelming boredom.

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David Gideon
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