Dont know if she loves me anymore, hard to beleave her :/?

Asked: Dont know if she loves me anymore, hard to beleave her :/?

So she went to a camp this summer (no phones) and her friend was with her. By then we have been dating for 3 and a half months. We hung out like 3x at most a week this summer since school, but at camp she told her friend that she wanted more space. Before she ha been dating non-stop with only a month breaks, so she might be a little tired of dating, and she is sadly really bad at summer relationships… And ever since camp (about 3 weeks ago) we only hung out once and she BARELY texts anymore or be cute or anything like she isnt even interested in me anymore. I mean im sure if i was more attractive i bet she would want to see me more, but its like she just isnt interested in me, she even lied to me a few times (some of the first lies too!) just to not hang out with me. It really brakes my heart and she dosnt know that her friend told me she needed more space. And now she doesnt even do anything when we could be hanging out, i just feel unimportant and feel like dumping her but i promised her i wouldnt ever dump her and i really dont want to brake that promise. She says she dosnt want to dump me and she loves me but i can even tell if thats a lie now, after feeling so left outIts so hard i dont know what to say now and i realy miss hanging out with her, i mean i should be her friend, right? Her 'boyFRIEND'… any advice besides letting her go? :/


Tell her you guys need to have a serious conversation. Tell her how you feel, tell her this whole situation and how you feel unimportant anymore. You should also ask if she think your being too clingy with her, and if she says you are, you can just say because you've been missing her and stuff (I think, sorry if im making assumptions). You should definitely try your best to keep your promise of not breaking up with her. Relationships always go through these patches, you just need both to put effort into fixing them. Don't worry, a talk can straighten things out. Definitely listen to what she has to say and ask her how she feels and her side of the story. Good Luck!! I hope everything works out for you both. PS!! Don't forget to tell her you love her!

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