Does she like me and what should I do?

Asked: Does she like me and what should I do?

Alright, here it is. I like this one girl who is younger than I. We are both in high school, and she went through a breakup probably close to around a month ago or a little more. I have gone on several dates with her and we both get along very well. We are also incredibly alike with one another. I think that she likes me too, but I've never really been a good judge at that type of thing. Anyway, I have been there for her as a good friend lately helping her to get through her breakup. I bought some tickets and I am bringing her to the broadway musical of the Beauty and the Beast (she is a big theater fan) and it is a surprise. I am thinking about asking her out at the end of that date, and maybe even kissing her to make the night that much more perfect, assuming that everything goes well. This date is happening a few weeks from now if that makes any difference in advice. I guess the big thing here is that I REALLY like this girl and I could see myself with her for a long time, but I also appreciate our friendship and I don't particularly want that to be ruined either if she says no and things get wierd.

I had one of her friends ask her what she would do if I asked her out, and she told me she said "I would probably say no, because I really like him as a friend, but I don't really have any other feelings for him besides that."Should I still tell her how I feel, because I feel as though if I don't I will explode.


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