Does she have a right to be mad? Women advice please?

Asked: Does she have a right to be mad? Women advice please?

Ok so me and my girlfriend me 22 her 20 have been on bad terms for the last month or so, we've been dating for about a year on and off, so we got into a big fight on Saturday night, we wereboth drunk and i stupidly looked through her phone while drunk and we got into a big fight, she broke up with me saying she's unhappy, thing is she's broken up with me twice before within the last month and a half and then we've gotten back. Anyways within this week she's intiated all convo, she texts and calls, i've already apologized but havent reached out to meet or anything because i feel like she's confused and needs her space. Anyways my birthday is on MOnday and Last night my friends threw me like this little birthday thing at dave and busters, she calls me last night and I tell her, she seemed upset that she wasnt there, but what was I to do invite my ex? she keeps playing games and im a tad fed up, I love her but im confused now too. Does she have a right to be upset? should I have extended an invite?


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