Does my boyfriend want to cheat on me?

Asked: Does my boyfriend want to cheat on me?

he has only known her for a year and they just game online with a bunch of other friends they met there. boyfriend always talks fondly of her, saying she is cute, a sweetheart, defends her to death. he even complimented her in a conversation he and i were having after we had sex. and in a recent conversation he told her he would date her if he were single when she asked him if they would ever happen. when told to get single, he laughed and said he was too committed.

i feel like he treats her better than me.

recently he liked a facebook photo she was tagged in by her friend. it was not a special photo (bad lighting), just of her and two other people my bf doesn't know. why would he like that specific photo? and today he was texting and checking up on her after the hurricane. they are not even close friends. he hasn't even checked in with his best friend yet.

what do you think? we have been dating over 7 years btw. thanks for your advice.


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