Does he have feelings for me?

Asked: Does he have feelings for me?

My ex and I dated for a year and a half. We're still really close and talk every day–we haven't dated anyone else since he broke up with me about a month ago (we were in a LDR). The breakup was a bit of a shock, according to him it was because we're not similar enough. Even when he's busy, when I tell him I need advice he'll make time to talk to me. Sometimes our conversations get flirty and he seems really into it, but other times he seems more cautious. I recently made a playful comment and he responded by saying "I think we should move on still." But lately he seems to be flirting more with me, even saying things like he would kiss me on the cheek. When I send him photos of myself he always compliments me and says I look good. He's also planning on sending me a package soon and has been giving me hints and asking what things I would like in it. I recently mailed him some cookies and he mentions them often and thanks me for them. Just recently we talked for an hour and had a great conversation, laughing and flirting a bit. His webcam wasn't working but he saw me blow him a kiss and he liked it, and then afterwards we were flirting a bit and he used my old nickname from when we were dating. While flirting I made a joke that I'm well treated by him and he agreed, but then seriously asked me to tell me my ideas for things I would want from him.

What can I do to get him to reveal his feelings? What signs are there? Why is he trying to stay so close to me? I know he's still attracted to me. He talks to me all the time and does nice things for me. Even when he has a long day he still makes time to say goodnight to me, or asks me to email him when he can't be around. He also writes me cute letters and says he's been thinking about me a lot. Sometimes the things he says make it seem like he's not interested anymore… but the fact that he talks to me all the time and still wants to be close to me makes me think differently.


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