Does he actually like me for me ?

Asked: Does he actually like me for me ?

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out please, advice is needed. In september I started this new school , everyone gets along with me just fine. I am a high school junior and the guy im refering to is the same. Months later a guy confessed to me that he liked me. After that he started calling me his "bae" , giving me hugs , trying to hold my hand when he saw me, in front of everyone and we would walk and talk even though we're not dating. As we were talking we found that we had some things in common and he would walk me half way home.I later told him that I liked him too. While we're inside class he doesn't talk to me, but after school he does. One day after school he was like "come here bae" so i walked up to him , and he put his arm around me and he was like "lets pretend like we're dating cause i want to see what people think, if we were going out" .. he introduced me to his cousins and his male friends and they were nice to me as i was there. and some girls were like awe, how cute. Then we began holding hands. People then walked up to us and we were in a groupwith his friends then he said " doesn't she look like an outcast " and one of his female friends said no she doesn't, shes fine. Then we began walking with his friends and his cousin, he still held my hand and i said to him " what is the point of pretending like we are going out? " and he said "we can just pretend for a couple of weeks, he said that he wanted to see what people were going to think and say about it" then he said " we can date for real after this" then i was like um wow ok… as he was walking me back half way " he mentioned " that because im the sweet and quiet type of girl people are going to say " oh don't hurt that girl " so that made me question many things in my mind.. what do you think i should do ? keep my crush or let him go? based on this do you think he actually likes me like he says he does?

All comments are appreciated, i really need some advice on how to handle this.


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