Does Capricorn get hot and cold easily?

XD Asked: Does Capricorn get hot and cold easily?

I have known this Capricorn guy for 4 months but just started to hang out more with him a month ago. Two weeks ago, every time I met him, he gave me lots of the signals showing he was interested in me. Like he tried to sit next to me; he kept staring at me and when I looked back at him, he smiled; he helped me with things; he teased me a lot; he asked me for advice; when we hung out with friends, he suddenly told them to go home and only us two go to the market together; when we talked, he looked straight at me; once time when he kept criticizing my food, his roommate – our friend – suddenly replied, "He just criticizes you like that, but he actually loves it." He didn't fight back.

Then he suddenly changed. It was like he ignored me. Before we met up, in stead of calling me himself, which he absolutely could, he gave his friend my number to call me. Then when we hung out, he kept saying he wanted to go home and that he shouldn't be here. When we were alone, he talked about his family and him (which is pretty nice I think because he is very introvert) but I couldn't feel anything like before. Like before he would be a bit excited and nervous but now he talked to me in such a calm smoothing voice. Then after the meal, he asked each person of our friends to go for a cup of coffee, except me! When I was right there!

Few days later, when we hung out in group, he got to be like he used to with the look and stare. He said I looked like I had been on date. Then I felt like he tried to make me jealous when he said his mom's friend would come over with her daughter who was younger than him (I was a bit older than him).

Does Capricorn get hot and cold easily? Would he be interested in me? What should I do?
He's a Cap with venus in Sag.
Thank you.


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