Does anybody find it really fun to be single?

mr dance moves Asked: Does anybody find it really fun to be single?

My friend has been giving me advice on dating women and it works. To me most of her advice seems to deceive women into thinking i could careless if you call and brushing them off. Which inturn makes them like me more. Not even that talking to a lot of girls and not caring what anybody else thinks. Are barely responding back to their text. Seriously, to me i find this rude. But i took her advice and it works. Maybe a woman can answer this why is this, why do women wish to like guys who simply come off as they don't care about them? If a woman was good looking, single, worked out, and was interested, i wouldn't care how many times she texted or called.


Shely Answered:
Not all women are like this… and what i can see you seduce them and how to you expect them not to run after you… then for the fact that you are not interested and you show that, for them means that you are playing the hard to get… is you dnt wanna play with someone's feeling simple don't seduce them and dont mess up with someone you are not going to date… keep your distance

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