Do you think im going to win this week?

Asked: Do you think im going to win this week?

I have Matt Ryan, Calvin Johnson, dez bryant, Darren McFadden, I played Bryce brown, heath miller, David Wilson, Stephen gostkowski and Detroit defense. I have josh Gordon on my bench and I'm not sure if I should start him over Bryant.

The team I'm playing is starting tom Brady, Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, Trent Richardson, Ahmad Bradshaw (but he has deangelo Williams on his bench) Brandon pettigrew (and I snagged schffler before he could) Pierre garcon, garret Hartley, and Pittsburgh D.

Two things do you think I'll win, and who should I start Gordon or Dez.


You'll win with ease
Probably dez if he plays
I think you will win, but the game will be very very close. Also, I think you should start Gordon over Dez. Gordon has a dreamy matchup against the Redskins secondary, and Dez is hampered by an injury. Good luck this week!

Also, can you answer my question? If you can give me a good name or two, I would really appreciate it and will give you best answer! Here's the link:


He'll win. Gordon.

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