Did I hurt his feelings?? he ignoring me he won’t reply to my messages?

Asked: Did I hurt his feelings?? he ignoring me he won’t reply to my messages?

Iam been seeing this guy and he said that me and him are taking it slowly anyway yesterday he got jealous because some guy voicenote me on bbm saying iam thinking about u bby and the guy iam seeing said let me send him a voicenote I will tell him to stop flirting with my girl then we went to my mates house and he wernt cuddling me or kissing me (even though he did this at mine 2weeks ago infront of my mum) but he poked his tongue out at me few times while playing his xbox and he played with my hair too
I sent a broadcast on bbm bout (it was a banter broadcast) valentines day then he copied mine and sent it out I message him saying copycat lol x he said lol x then I said jokes lol x then 15mins later He sent a broadcast (on bbm) today saying I love my valentine with pictures of roses and hearts.
I said good luck he read this but didn't reply
So messaged him again saying I think we should just be mates now he replied back and said y then he messaged again saying that was for you you num nut x. I said yh right he read this but didn't reply back and that was our last chat
But my mate message him saying who your valentines the he said sharon and she said really he said yes but she pi**es me off the way she goes she said what u mean? He said she don't trust me iam thinking off walking away she said sharon f*cking likes u he read this but didn't reply so I sent him this I know I haven't sed it but I do love u n iam scared to show my feelings but iam more scared off getting hurt again n iam insecure n iam sorry if I upset n hurt u xx he read it but didn't reply back (at the time when I sent this message I did have on my bbm status that I was getting drunk) he's still got me on bbm though

Why won't he reply back??


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