David DeAngelo – Who is David DeAngelo and Why He is an Important Seduction Guru

tinyurl.com – Click Here! Unstoppable Seduction Techniques? He has "opened the vaults" on this… Take this information and use it wisely, my friend David DeAngelo is a major figure in the seduction community, and is widely credited as the guru who has taken the 'underground' art of seduction mainstream. He is probably most well-known for his series of information products dubbed Double Your Dating. A former student of Ross Jeffries and a follower of the latter's Speed Seduction philosophy, David DeAngelo has since branched out to create his highly acclaimed Double Your Dating series. David DeAngelo has struggled mightily through his early years when he was new at the dating game. He was convinced that he had cracked the code when he stumbled upon the concept of "cocky and funny" – his patented method of flirting and teasing women until they start to feel attracted to him. By using this combination of humor, confidence and slight cockiness, he was able to differentiate himself from other men who would typically come across as needy and accommodating. David DeAngelo was also one of the pioneers of the "value equation" theory in the interaction between men and women, which became the foundation of his model of attraction. A man who is confident and humorous would always come across as high value, and therefore would be attractive to any woman that he meets. Therefore, everything that a man does should therefore build his "value", and he should never let the perception of <b>…</b>

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