David DeAngelo – Advanced Series part 3

David DeAngelo is very sophisticated Pick – Up Artist and his methods are considered one of the best methods in PUA Community. Other parts: Part 1 – www.youtube.com Part 2 – www.youtube.com Part 3 – www.youtube.com Part 4 – www.youtube.com Part 5 – www.youtube.com Part 6 – www.youtube.com How he Became a Pick Up Artist: David DeAngelo went through his life tackling obstacles one at a time. One day, he decided that it was time to "figure out" dating once and for all, so he bought a multitude of books and attended a great deal of seminars trying to find the recipe for success with women. Most of what he found was not very helpful, and so David DeAngelo decided to take a different approach: he found as many PROVEN experts as he could, and observed their behavior with women. By taking this approach, David DeAngelo was able to "scientifically" break down what makes a man successful with a women. He used his findings and observations to fuel his own success with women. He now teaches his findings to what is perhaps the largest audience of men that any dating expert has ever had. Physical Description: Dark and handsome, David DeAngelo is a good looking guy. Few would disagree with that. Some observers have noted this as a way to downplay his success with women by attributing it to his good looks, but David's successful students who have gained a lot from his methods and are not nearly as physically blessed as he is would tell you otherwise. Affiliations: Owner of David DeAngelo <b>…</b>

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