Dating someone still in love with an ex?

Asked: Dating someone still in love with an ex?

I just recently began dating a guy i've been close friends with for a very long time. He's great. He's friendly, considerate, very tall and good looking, and protective in a good way. He just got out of a messy break up with a girl he dated for a very short time. She broke up with him saying that she just didnt think it was working out. later on, he found out that she had cheated on him numerous times by sleeping with other guys I figured that this old relationship wouldnt be a major problem. We had always had a sort of flirtationship going on, and had gotten very close. I thought this girl would be old news, and that our relationship would be fine. Unfortunately, i still see him leaving comments on her facebook, and im pretty sure they still text. i wouldnt have a problem with this, if they were friends. but its obvious he still has feelings for her, and i really dont want to be his second choice. i dont know how to bring up the subject because i know this girl hurt him very badly, but i dont know what to do. advice would be appreciated. Thanks xoxo


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