Dating is Stupid!

You guys requested the Sister Tag, which Christine refused to film with me, so instead she made this! I HATEE how terrible the video/audio quality is, so after she sent me the "edited" video, I re-edited it in Final Cut to make it look a lot cooler. Anyways, I love Christine soo much & I think she gave some epic advice. I agree with everything she said except the first part about 1 Corinthians 7- I think there was a specific issue going on at Corinth that caused Paul to write that. Obviously, God wants us to get married and have children. It's not wrong if you don't. But, I don't think you're better if you stay single (and of course, Christine didn't imply that at all). But what you should really take away from this: it's a GREAT idea to stay single while you're a teenager, like I pretty much have, because it lets you completely focus on God & find out who you are before you get in a relationship.

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