dating a man with 2 kids?

Asked: dating a man with 2 kids?

Okay, so I recently rekindled things with an ex. We were in puppy love in 8th and 9th grade but we started fighting a lot and broke it off. He still liked me all throughout hs, even when he dated his now "baby mama". Anyways, we recently starting talking again and I really like him, but he has 2 children. Were 22. I like him and I know he likes me. He invited me to Chuckie Cheese to see his kids and all but I couldn't make it. I'm confused on what I should do because I really like him. He's a paramedic, very responsible, and mature for his age. I love the way he puts his children first, it says a lot about his character. I just know that i'm only 22 and I don't want any drama with the mother of his kids. The kids are 3 and 2. Should I continue to date him or should I move on? I still like to have my fun and I know he's a little over that part. Any advice will help, thanks.


date the man -not the's not your job to become an instant surrogate parent, so put up boundaries while finding a way to have will always place 4th in the man's life -after the children & their mother.
If you want to date a guy with kids there will be plenty of drama. All depends on if you feel he is worth it or not. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want. He probably wants to settle down.

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