Crying because he didn’t say goodbye?

Drunken Diva Asked: Crying because he didn’t say goodbye?

Need some advice,

I've been dating someone from work, I've liked him for a long time and I am pretty sure he has felt the same. When I say "pretty sure" I mean it's been an underlining hint for the past year and a half but he has never actually said the words.

So despite my worries about dating someone I work with, for the last month we've finally started dating because from my perspective we couldn't deny it anymore. We keep it very quiet at work, if anything we act at work like we always have, really close friends.

So tonight at after work drinks, I was hoping he'd stay out despite he's cold but after a few he decided to go home. Which was fine, I didn't mind… I was staying, I was having a good time…possibly a little too drunk until he left. He said goodbye to everyone shook the guys hands and then said a general goodbye to the crowd and left. He didn't say goodbye to me and give me a kiss on the cheek like he usually does or even through the day asked what I was doing on the weekend. So being the drunk stupid women I am, I firstly get a little angry and then my eye's well up with tears and I have massive teary in the bathroom.

My colleages could obviously see I was upset about something.. which was highly embarrassing. One of the guys is a close friend and I told him a little bit of the story and he could understand what I was saying.

But now that i've sobered up and sitting home thinking about it, I feel like the biggest A**!!. What the hell is wrong with me, firstly he isn't going to kiss me because he's sick (with a cold) secondly he wouldn't have said a special goodbye to me because it would look obvious to everyone and thirdly, why I am so worried!.

I don't want to push him away with this stupid teary after wasting a year and a half with not having him in my life on a more personal/romantic level. Someone is going to say something to him on monday or even worst probably have already said something like " why did she cried when you left" or 'she was really upset when you left and then went home'.

I realise if i hadn't been so drunk i wouldn't have acted that way, and i probably would have written him a whitty msg calling him out for not saying goodbye but it's too late. I was drunk, I did cry and now I have messed up.

what should I do?

Should I text him tomorrow and say something? Or text him and pretend like it didn't happen?

Or should I wait for him to text me?

And if asks me about it, should I say I was upset about something else? Or tell him the truth?

And I would prefer to tell him the truth but how do I do that without sounding like a complete diva? Nobody wants to go out with a cry baby… which I'm not. I seriously don't know what got in to me. I'man idiot!!

I like this guy a lot, and I don't want to mess up.


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