Cramer Chronicles: The Thin Line Between Love and Rage, Part 4

John and Fish set up a sting operation in the hopes of discovering who Keaton was in cahoots with. Within a short time, Keaton placed a telephone call to arrange a meeting with someone. While they waited, Fish asked for John's advice about Layla. They were interrupted when it Keaton had arranged to meet someone. Cris was outdoors, working on a painting, when Layla approached him. She had decided to jog to the gym. As Cris and Layla chatted, Layla confessed that she couldn't get over Stacy's attempt to seduce Fish. Cris was confident that Stacy wasn't Fish's type. As Cris reassured Layla, an image of Kyle and Oliver flashed through his mind. At the gym, Nick and Kyle talked about Fish. Nick felt bad for the way that Fish had treated Kyle. Kyle appreciated Nick's support. Before Kyle walked away, Nick and Kyle made plans to meet. Later, Layla noticed Nick stretching on a yoga mat. When Nick saw that she had a similar mat tucked under her arm, he invited her to join him on the floor. Layla hesitated until Nick assured her that he wasn't trying to pick her up. Layla relaxed when Nick revealed that he was involved with someone. The two struck up a conversation as they went through their stretches. Layla confessed that she was happily involved with someone, which prompted Nick to open up about his new relationship. Layla was surprised when Nick mentioned Kyle's name. Nick was equally astounded when he discovered that Layla's roommates knew Kyle. Layla was stunned when Nick <b>…</b>

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