Connection between love and fate?

Asked: Connection between love and fate?

I know this is a little long and I know that I may sound crazy with how I feel about this person but I just can't help it.

I feel a little upset right now because I feel like I let this girl slip away from my life.There was this girl in one of my classes that I think is the most beautiful person I have ever seen.The instant I saw her, I fell for her; never before had I thought that I would fall for love at first sight but there she was.Everything about her just makes me feel like nothing else in the world matters and I could tell there was a mutual feeling.There was this connection that we shared that I can't explain but its like I already knew her.

The thing is though with all of this nonverbal communication and reading "the signs" nothing ever came to fruition between us.No conversation, no bumping into on campus, no mutual friends.The girl of my dreams was sitting 15 feet across from me for four months and neither one of us said anything.

I think to myself if I'm reading all of these signs correctly then why is it so difficult to actually create this relationship?All that had to be done was one of us to say, "Hello" and it would have taken off but no.I like to believe that everything happens for a reason.Perhaps this girl and I are not meant to be and that she is only a stepping stone to where I will eventually end up.

Another thought I had is maybe she and I are not meant to be with each other right now.I have recently within these last few months gotten back into the dating game.I have gone on a few dates and yeah I need to brush up on my dating skills so it is possible that by dating her at this time would have been disasterous. So maybe I need to improve myself before I'm ready for her.

The reason I'm making such a big deal about this girl is because I was lovestruck.My intuition, my gut feeling told me, "This is going to be my next great love." when I first saw her.I have been looking for a girlfriend and there this girl was.I have a good feeling about this girl when I think about her I still do but I've been telling myself that I must learn to be patient.

If you have read all of this you may think I'm a little crazy but I have never felt this way about someone before.there is just something about this girl.Idon't know if I will ever see her again.I like to put the situation into the hands of fate and hope that one day things will fall into place.Do you have any stories about love and fate?Thanks for your time and advice


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