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Why is it that some guys seem to exude zero effort and always get the girl, while others seem to continually struggle, and never get what they pursue? Much of it depends on mindset. When you have a desire "to get the girl" without a plan, your mind lacks direction and your chances of success become much bleaker. When you harness a more focused mindset, and create a plan of action to achieve results, you shift your thinking into creating action rather than just praying for random success. In seduction, confidence is a must. This is a short clip of the Inner Game portion of The Wanted Video Series for Men. With this program, you will learn the fastest ways to exhibit confidence. You will be taught how to open her mind to new possibilities and to ideas that put her in a more receptive state so that you increase your influence over her. Armed with these skills, you will see your self raised to a higher standard above the competition by eclipsing standard male behavioral guidelines. And then, you will have learned how to make your prospective mate feel ten times more attracted to you; she will also feel safer and more fulfilled in your arms. In other words, you will have learned how to empathize more with her world while still keeping a firm hold on your own world and your own values. EmLovz Website: Wanted Video Series for Men:

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