Comix Zone Gameplay Review SEGA HD

– Review — Comix Zone puts into the shoes of a comic book artist, ironically named "Sketch" Turner. The story is set in a New York City, on a stormy night. Sketch is working on a picture for his comic book when suddenly he, and his comic book are struck by lightning, and the bad guy of his comic book is teleported into the present time, while Sketch is zapped into his own comic book! Sketch through each stage of his comic undergoes a transformation, and the longer he is in the comic book the more strength he gets as a hero. Weird eh? While it isn't the best, at least it's interesting enough to keep you playing. Sketch has multiple variations of kicks, punches, a body-check and a throw, which is very useful against certain enemies, and not as effective against others. Each enemy has a weakness, which you must exploit and use to your advantage. You can go around just plain button mashing, or you can take a more crafty and cautious approach to combat. But I personally take the "stylish" approach when dealing with my foes, using combination of fancy kicks and punches and the occasional weapon. The gameplay revolves around the picking up of weapons/items that help you on your comic quest. You have 3 open slots to carry items in, so be very careful which items you take with you on your quest. You can pick up a power-up, items, weapons, and even Sketch's pet rat, which can electrocute enemies, find items and flip switches that Sketch can't get to. Comix Zone is littered with <b>…</b>

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