Collecting from a bad check in New York City. (Help)?

Asked: Collecting from a bad check in New York City. (Help)?

Hello yahoo answers,
I let a coworker borrow $3200 and the collateral was two post dated checks in the sum of $4200.
It seemed like a good deal.I would make $1000.00 for letting someone borrow money for the week.
That was back in October.
I see this person everyday and they always make excuses as to why they cant pay me back.
So I recently have been visiting the bank to see if the funds on the checks were available.
They haven't been.
So whats the next step?
After much googleing I can only find that I may send a couple certified demand letters and only then in time I may bring charges civil and criminal.
So any help or guidance, links or advice as far as new york state bad check protocol goes.
Thanks yahoo answers.


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