Candy Dulfer @ Schiphol 2012 – Candy to the Mexx

Candy Dulfer @ Schiphol 2012 'Candy to the Mexx' Candy Dulfer Schiphol, Amsterdam The Netherlands Tuesday, December 11th 2012 Candy has joined forces with Mexx (clothing brand) which resulted in a mini tour at Mexx stores across Western Europe. This performance was at their store at Schiphol, Amsterdam. They decided to go a little bigger this time and the stage was set outside the store in the big entrance hall. Due to security reason Candy wasn't allowed to tweet about it beforehand. Although it wasn't to hard to find out if you really wanted to icon wink Candy Dulfer @ Schiphol 2012   Candy to the Mexx But it did result in very few fans coming. So the audience was mostly made up of passing people/passengers. And although it started a bit slow it did warm up after a song or two. Also due to three KLM stewardesses living it up, KLM style. Candy played 3 sets with about 30 to 40 minutes separating them. All that and the fact that she had quite a few special guests and played a rather different setlist then the previous tour, it actually resulted in a very interesting concert on the whole. As said, Candy treated us with some interesting special guests. Andy Ninvalle giving the show a boost with his energy and giving a kick ass beatbox performance – a must see! Sherry Dyanne sensual style and voice making for some great songs. DJ Kikke providing the beats and giving an awesome solo, another must see! And of course Phatt, actually part of the current band, but an artist in his own right. He had a lot more opportunity to showcase <b>…</b>

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