Can you give Vedic Astrological help to my friend? Please?

Asked: Can you give Vedic Astrological help to my friend? Please?

My friend is having a horrible time. She is wester and married an Indian very fast without knowing him more than one month. Theyve been married since Nov. She does not feel she can trust him and feels jealous always of him and feels deep in her heart he thinks of another woman. They've only been married two months. Two people who were INTUITIVE told her he IS thinking of another woman. They fight constantly and he has threatened to kill her twice. He jas hit her countless times, even in the head and she has painthe following day. I've told her to leave because he sounds dangerous- but she keeps changing her mind- I don't know what advice to give her Because I've seen her navamsha 7th and it has Saturn Ketu and Venus in 7th. I want to be a good friend but need insight here.
In NAVAMSHA she has 1-Rahu and Asc
3 house- merc
6th house- sun
7- Saturn Ketu and Venus
11- moon
12- mars
Her date of birth is Aug 9 1977 6:31 AM in FALUN SWEDEN

I just read that Venusin 7th means unsuccessful marriage. They never did guna matching because he had no birth time information.
I know Ketu means karmic situation so I want to give theright advice. She has made an appointment for divorce tomorrow. He is not sure of it. What is the outcome here?


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