(BOYFRIEND) Love Style HD_Music Video

BOYFREIND'S Sensational 'Love Way'! [LOVE STYLE] Debut in May of 2011 as 'BOYFRIEND', making a triple hit with 'Don't Touch My Girl' and 'I'll be there', and sweeping the end-year award ceremony, 'BOYFRIEND', the best rising star of K POP! The Group who were upgraded strongly as the Icon of Asia in all the areas such as music, culture and fashion simultaneously with their launch in Japan, now came back with their first Mini Album [LOVE STYLE]. BOYFRIEND who came back with the top showman "Sweet Tune"'s Masterpiece! New Album [Love Style] which will hit this summer hard with overflowing refreshing sense! New Album [Love Style] which Producer Sweet Tune and BOYFRIEND show off ambitiously has dynamic composition and fresh feeling of melody, and uniqueness of guitar riff. An addictive dance number to the extent that you cannot forget it if you listen to it once. Like the words 'If one falls in love, one can pick up a star in the sky', this album relays 'Love Way' of sweet 6-men united with a spirit that if a loving woman wants it, they will give anything and can be any style of man. From Downtown Hipster to Uptown Socialite! The Style showing the End of Trend! As the title song of [Love Style] reminds us of it, this album is about to show BOYFRIEND'S own style reflecting the trend as well as the epochal transformation. Together with diverse transformation of Color Suit and Fashion Suit which are hottest in Men's wear in latter half of this year, they will show varied looks on <b>…</b>

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