Boy advice ….. please .?

Asked: Boy advice ….. please .?

Ok , this mite sound funny but , there's this guy for the past 3 years i kinda had a crush on him , but i dont tell anyone . because he dates alot of my friends . so i just keep it a secret between me and on my friends . he recently dated on my good friends for about 4 months . they weren't to serious . but from the time they started dating to now . i've talked almost everyday w/ him . but ever since they broke up ( him w/ her ) back in june ( and me and his ex havent talked since summer started ). me & him texted from when we wake up , til we goto sleep . almost everyday this summer . we even hung out a few times . this summer . all my friends think we have a secret thing . and that he likes me . but he says he dont ( alot of people had asked us . ) i don't know what to believe . what do you think ?need more info just ask .
And if you think he likes me .. how could i find out from him ? w/ out him knowing i like him . cause i dont wanna tell him i like him til he says he likes me .. Girl problems …


humm. drop ur panties says a lot. without saying anything
Be up front with him.Text him that you're hearing a lot of stuff about the 2 of you being together.Tell him you'd like to know what his feeling for you are so that there's no confusion.Say…"It would be awkward if 1 of us liked the other and the other 1 didn't, so tell me if you think we'll ever be more than just friends."This way, you don't admit your feelings and still get it out in the open.Good luck.

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