Body Language Secrets Exposed

Here’s a nice little video on body language secrets. Remember, body language signals can often mean more than one thing. AND you have to keep it in context; are her feet facing away from you, but her eyes are locked onto yours and she’s smiling? Well, maybe a part of her wants to stay and a part of her wants to go. Perhaps she just needs a little more convincing. So you need to stay positive and fun and keep gaming! More importantly, body language can change as you change the persons mood. Repeat this to yourself over and over: “Change Her Mood, Not Her Mind”. Check out the video and leave a comment:

Body Language Secrets

Keep in mind that a girls body language might be negative at first just because she’s accustomed to getting approached by guys who try to go into rapport before they create attraction. This happens to beautiful women a lot. Guys come up and say things like, “Hey, I know you from the bank.” or “Hey, I see you at the grocery store.” Or, “Hey, I remember you from school.”

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with saying things like that. In fact, I’ll often open a conversation like that then IMMEDIATELY cut the thread and ask her opinion about something interesting. BUT if the girl is hot, sexy, or gorgeous she’s heard it all before.. A lot! So, if you walk up trying to create rapport before you spark attraction you’ll probably get a negative reaction and bad body language initially.

Or maybe a woman will display negative body language because she gets approached by lots of losers. Or maybe she’s having a bad day. Just remember to stay positive and don’t take anything personal.

Whenever you’re in an interaction with a girl just keep displaying your personality, persistence, and positive attitude until she sees something she likes and her body language will eventually change for the better. She’ll become attracted. Then, and only then, you can go into rapport and create comfort.
Or she’ll leave and give you the chance to meet someone cooler or more available.
Take care,
David Gideon

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