BILL BRUFORD – One of a kind (part 2).wmv

Bill Bruford – Master strokes 1978-1985 Tracks listing : 1. Hell's Bells (3:33) 2. One of a Kind, Part 1 (6:25) 3. One of a Kind, Part 2 (6:15) 4. Travels With Myself — and Someone Else (6:15) 5. Gothic 17 (5:09) 6. Palewell Park (4:01) 7. If You Can't Stand the Heat… (3:27) 8. Five G (4:46) 9. Joe Frazier (4:45) 10. Living Space (3:53) 11. The Drum Also Waltzes (2:55) 12. Split Seconds (4:42) 13. Fainting in Coils (6:37) 14. Beelzebub (3:22) 15. The Sahara of Snow, Part 2 (3:27) Compilation released in 1986 EG Records, EGCD 67 Musicians : – Bill Bruford / percussion, cymbals and drums – Allan Holdsworth / guitar – Jeff Berlin / bass – Patrick Moraz / piano and piano (grand) – John Clark / guitar – Dave Stewart / keyboards Biography : Pick up just about any of the most successful albums from progressive rock's heyday, flip it over to the credits, and there's a good chance you'll see Bill BRUFORD listed as the drummer. Having played in perhaps more famous prog bands than any other artist, BRUFORD has, at one time or another, kept time for just about every major band in the genre, as well as maintaining a successful solo career. Beginning his professional career while still in his teens, BRUFORD answered a drummer wanted ad in the Melody Maker and proceeded to join two young men in what he thought was to be 'a vocal group, in the style of The Fifth Dimension'. The two young men were named Chris SQUIRE & Jon ANDERSON, and together they formed the nucleus of what was to <b>…</b>

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