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Braddock Of Love Systems On Social Circle Game


If you’re in college or about to start this post is for YOU!

This is tailored to get the hottest of the hot girls on campus. The quote on quote “Tens”.

You don’t really wanna be that guy running around the campus you attend running routines on all the hottest girls you can find. I mean, if your game is tight and you see a girl you want go for it… But if you’re just getting started it’s not really the place to practice unless you want to be known as “THAT GUY”.

You can take that route, but you probably won’t be dating the girls that you really want and deserve. Save it for off campus.. with girls you’re not going to see over and over again.

And, really, you don’t even want to be hanging around with the guys who just read The Game, running all around campus peacocking and practicing canned openers (not that there’s anything wrong with congruently delivered pre-prepared subject matter icon wink Attracting Girls On Campus

A much better approach with girls you’re going to be seeing all the time for the next 4 years is Social Circle Game as taughht by Braddock of Love Systems in the above video.

The easiest way for non-athletes to INSTANTLY create their social circle foundation is… and many of you won’t like this…

Join a Fraternity! That’s right, if you can’t beat ‘em join em. They will equip you with everything you need for the social circle gameplan. You will have instant access to the best parties, some of the hottest girls on campus, and… if you’re good with your game… You will be the man.

There are a few guidelines that will benefit you though:

1. Don’t try all that alpha-male stuff on the frat guys throwing the parties! You want future access to the party right?

2. Although you should flirt with all the sorority girls, your unspoken subtext with the high-value girls you gain access to should be that you’re very picky.

Once the girl you really want becomes familiar with you go for HER.. The one that YOU feel is the most attractive & high-value TO YOU. There is no starting from the bottom and working your way up to the girl you REALLY wanted. If things don’t work out it is possible to work your way down, but not visa versa.

… Well, anything is possible, but this is a general guideline.

So, flirt from the bottom up to create “buzz” But only get serious with the girl you really want.. at the top.

3.Some of the higher up frat guys will be jerks and may pick on the new guy. Be respectful & keep building your relationships with all the other guys. Eventually, his attacks will become less effective and his jokes less funny as you build value with everyone else around him.

Frat House Politics

Don’t push rapport with the most high-value guys in the frat. They’ll sense an ulterior motive and push you away. Just be cool.

Don’t challenge or align with the alpha/asshole guy of the group that pledged with you who tries to put people down to make himself feel big. Just be cool and avoid him. This guy is usually feared, but not liked. He’s sometimes the highest value guy in the group or people feel he can turn his attacks on them and threaten their value so they play along with him.

As you build value with everyone else around him you’ll become immune to his attacks. Plus you’ll stay away from him and banish him to nonexistence in your world. Eventually, he’ll try to befriend you.. let him. Be cool, but distant with this type of guy.

Don’t lock on to the first group of guys that is willing to take you in. Create friendships and be social with everyone. Push your comfort zone to become friends with every guy in the house.

If you’re invited to hang out with senior members do it. Do not kiss up to them, do not be disrespectful, and do not try to be the center of attention. Just be cool.

Make friends with connectors and gatekeepers that are not frat affiliated. You might not even wanna stay active in the frat the whole time your there.

Aside from joining a frat, you can also align yourself with high-value people on campus. The order is prominent athletes, high ranking frat guys, and the hottest girls on campus. This will give you social-proof and access to all the best parties with the most desirable women.

(Many of these ideas laid out by Braddock are adapted from Tipping Point and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.)

First you need to identify and align yourself with certain types of people on campus.

1.Social Connectors

These people know EVERYBODY! Get as many of these people in your life as possible and they’ll will help you grow your social circle exponentially. You don’t have to be best friends with them, you can just be acquaintances and it will still benefit you.

2.Value Connectors

Just being around these people adds value to YOU! These include prominent athletes, highest ranking frat guys, really hot girls, or pre-selected guys (really good-looking & good with girls).

Note: Yes, this stuff may annoy you, but you can either complain & go watch your porn or learn to play the game. Let’s go.

Think of it like this. You are high-value & it’s only natural that you connect with other people who are high-value. That’s what you’re facilitating.


Gatekeepers have situational value. In other words, they have access to the people you want access to.. and befriending them gives you that access too. For example, this may be the unattractive girl who is friends with the girls you want to meet.

In befriending this person you want to set the frame very clearly from the beginning. She is like your sister. You want to hook her up with your friend. She reminds you of your best friend from high school.. Disqualify yourself as a potential love interest totally.

DO NOT flirt with this gatekeeper because she will get jealous and actually prevent you from getting close to her attractive friend.

People To Avoid:

Social Dead-ends

1.The Beginner PUA

These are the guys who just read The Game and are running around campus peacocked and running dozens of routines. Nothing wrong with what this guy is doing in and of itself.. It’s gonna help him eventually.. But not on that campus! And if you’re with him it’s GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.

2.The High-Value Guy That Puts You Down

The fact that your friend is high-value does you no good at all if he’s always putting you down in front of others. Cut this bozo loose.

3.The Socially Inept Guy

Another case of guilt by association. He’s always making a fool of himself, saying something inappropriate, and mis-calibrating social situations.

Why is this stuff so important? On a college campus everyone is “thin-slicing” you. If you walk into a party with five cute girls and the captain of the football team you’re thin-sliced as one of the cool guys. If you walk in with 3 nerdy looking guys they’ll thin-slice you as a social misfit. Everyone thin-slices so be aware of it and make appropriate preparations.

Social Circle Theory

Don’t go for attraction with a girl in your social network until you’re “sticky”. This is a marketing term that postulates a customer needs at least seven exposures to your product before it begins to stick.

If a girl is very high-value and has tons of friends and knows everybody you might not be sticky until you interact with her 20 times. It could be once, it could be twenty. How do you know? When she sees you she’ll yell out “David!” or whatever your name is and hug you. Now you can leave neutral rapport and start building attraction.

Instead of telling girls in your social circle stories to demonstrate high value let them see it. You’ll have multiple encounters with this girl so there’s no need to jam it all down her throat in 2 minutes, which will give you 5 minutes, which will give you 10, etc. Be the DHV. Be the “thin-slice “that truly reflects how awesome you are.

Situational Value

Constantly put yourself in situations where you have situational value with the girls you want. Be the leader of the project, be the coach, be the person throwing the party, etc. Even higher.. Be the athlete or a member of one of the better Frats on campus.

Build Your Army Before You Attack

Make it your aim for everyone on campus to know who you are. Don’t just know one person at the party that will get you in, know five.

You can accomplish this by going out every weekend and being social with guys and girls who are connectors and gatekeepers.

If you’re not in a frat try to create a similar fun environment. Rent a crappy house close to all the action and let people come over for pre-parties and after-parties. Never turn down an opportunity to have fun in that house!

Have lots of novelty items at your house.

If your social circle sucks get a new one. Play chess with your chess buddies, but don’t go out to party with them.

If you can do these things properly on a college campus you’ll create a “buzz” about yourself. Meaning, girls will be talking about you when you’re not around. Once this happens you’re buzz will demonstrate your high value without you saying a word.

Once you have the “buzz” flirt with everyone, but don’t single out any one girl unless that’s the girl you really want.

How much you’re talked about in the group of the girls you want will determine your access to the highest value girls in that group. So once your buzz builds to a tipping point act on it. Go for the ten you’ve had your eye on.

The key to Buzz

Repeated positions of high situational value with the girls you want and exposure. Always look for these and don’t hesitate to snatch them up. Once you have these power positions make sure you mysteriously show up at the places the girls go.

You’ll know you have buzz when the girls you want start giving you indicators of interest.

All this being said, if the girl you want makes herself available without any of this stuff don’t try to stick to it. Duh! These are just guidelines and sometimes, for various reasons, things will happen that go against the guidelines.

Just don’t pull the trigger too soon. Relax. With this method you can almost let girls come to you.

Peacocking In College

Just put a little edge on what you wear… wear one thing that’s interesting enough to give girls an excuse if they want to talk to you, but don’t overdo it. No pink boas or Jamiroquoi hats please.

Ok, that’s enough for today boys and girls.

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David Gideon

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