Attract Women, Save Your Relationship

lonely dude 300x171 Attract Women, Save Your Relationship

In relationships there are two things that repel
more than anything else: NEEDINESS and

If you have a significant other and you’re worried
that if you lose her you’ll never be able to find
another girl
… This will lead to insecurity and
needy behavior along with an unhealthy
co-dependence that will drag the relationship
down over time.

On the other hand, if you know that you can
go out and attract another beautiful woman
anytime you want you can display the attributes
that will keep the woman you’re with attracted:

When you have this kind of masculine attitude
you can actually become the leader that every
feminine woman is drawn to. You can find the
strength to pursue your own purpose with clarity
and not be taken off course with each and every
whim of your woman… And she’ll appreciate it!

imawuss 276x300 Attract Women, Save Your Relationship

Women always test men to feel their strength
(although it may not be conscious). If she can
easily sway you off your course because you’re
insecure and lacking confidence then so can the
world… She can’t trust you to lead. And she’ll
eventually lose attraction for you and end up in
the arms of another man

David Gideon

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