Any ideas for a trade with this guy?

Michael Asked: Any ideas for a trade with this guy?

I would really like to get one of Matthews, turner, or Andre Johnson. On this guys trading blocks it says he wants to improve the WR position( I think he means depth wise) and has no interest in helu, Tate, Wilson, or Malcom Floyd. He is interested in mathew stafford, Arian foster, Larry Fitzgerald and Marques colston

My team

QB- matthew stafford
RB- Arian foster
RB- demarco Murray
WR- Larry Fitzgerald
WR- Marques colston
Te- Jacob tamme
Flex- Roy helu
D/ST- eagles
K- David akers
Bn- David wilson
Ben Tate
Ronnie hillman
Mikel leshoure
Demaryius Thomas
Malcom Floyd
Josh freeman

His team

QB- Phillip rivers
RB- Ryan Matthews
RB- Michael turner
WR- Andre Johnson
WR- Julio jones
TE- Aaron Hernandez
Flex- Shonn Greene
D/ST- 49ers
K- Stephen gostowski
Bn- deangelo Williams
Michael crabtree
Donald brown
Brandon pettigrew
Seahawks d/ST
Nate kaeding


joshchessbridge8 Answered:
The best you can do is offer fitzgerald for your favorite of the 3 plus Matthews, he will not give you one of his top players unless you give one up.
curtis Answered:
Why are you even trading pre season didn't even start yet, that's just stupid to do.
Sports Pro Answered:
heres some options:

Foster, Colston, Helu for AJ, Matthews, and Turner

This may be good for both sides, you get the three guys you want, and he gets 2 that he wants. I threw in Helu there because I figured he'd want 2 RBs back since he gives up both his starting RBs. However, if you want, you could take Helu out and try asking him..AJ is risky though with injury, so his value isn't that great…I don't think he'll accept it unless its 3 for 3 because Matthews is very good as well.

Fitzgerald for Johnson

If you're hot on Johnson, you could try it straight up. AJ has injury problems like I said, and it may work

Stafford, Murray for Turner, Rivers

You get your upgrade at RB for a downgrade at QB. How much do you like Rivers? This is the only trade that you could give stafford. I don't like this one, and I think you should hang on to Stafford..

Murray, Thomas, Colston for Matthews, Jones.

This would work nicely for you. Jones is also an injury concern, but when healthy, he's great. Here you get an even swap at WR and an upgrade at RB. You do lose a good option off the bench though, and it may be a tough choice.If you'd like, you could ask him for Shonn Greene instead of Jones.

Austin Answered:
If you have to trade with him, center the trade around mathews, not others. Turner is old and the falcons are gonna throw the ball like crazy this season, and johnsons still good, but hes an injury risk. Mathews will be a star this year so i would try getting him. along with Julio.The most fair thing you can do preseason wise, is julio and mathews for murray and fitzgerald

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