Answering your questions about Japan. (see description!)

The questions… 1. What is the cost of living exclusively for food/toiletries? (weekly or monthly) 2. What kind of jobs can a gaijin typically get other than an English teacher? • I'll have my AA degree by the time I enter the country. I've already been offered a job as an English tutor, but the hours aren't as good as I need. Would I still be able to get a decent job without a BS/BA degree? • I have exceptional knowledge and experience in computer programming /software development / application systems from personally teaching myself for years. Could I still get a decent job without having a degree? (I currently teach and tutor in computer programming at my school) 3. I generally hear, definitely from one of my friends who has lived in Japan for several years, that girls are relatively easy to get. If this is true, why is that? I understand the 外人effect exist and I honestly want to avoid people who only like me because of where I come from. So how do you deal with those people (girls?) and meet genuine people? • Also, how would a family (Mother, Father) normally react to hearing their child dating a 外人? 4. Is it difficult to deal with immigration? Meaning is it difficult to get an extension or file paperwork for a different visa? (going from student to working) 5. This might be a bit off-topic, but I plan on being a j-vlogger, but I would like to get some advice. Could you tell me/us your experiences so far, and what kind of feedback you've received from your <b>…</b>

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