Am I wasting my time?

Carrie Worthington Asked: Am I wasting my time?

I've been dating this guy for a year and a half now and things have had their ups and downs. Around Christmas, he started taking me ring shopping but never made a purchase. If I bring up marriage or having a family he tells me to shut up. Yet he opens car doors and does all of the little things to keep me 'happy'. I moved in this past February thinking it would help move things along. He's the only person I have ever been involved with sexually; he can go a whole week without touching me. I do not know whether I am wasting my time or over-analyzing the relationship. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Maice Answered:
well he could be giving you a suprise. just dnt think negative. men do stupid stuff but at the end give the best gift.

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