After a first date, can’t get the girl out of my head.?

Asked: After a first date, can’t get the girl out of my head.?

Ok so me and this girl went on our first date saturday, i spent almost all day with her since she asked me to keep he company to this little league event (we both go to differen't highschools just to avoid further confusion) and we were planning on going with friends to see the possession but they all had either dates or other plans, so i said well do you still wanna go and she was like sure. So we go watch the movie and we walk around the mall for abit (had my arm around her, just so you guys dont think we are on a 'friend date'), and then she wants to go to my highschool football game. So we go there and after that we go to eat and then i hug her goodbye and that was that. Texted her like 15 minutes later saying that i had a good time and that we should do it agan, she replies back with 'i had a good time too icon smile After a first date, cant get the girl out of my head.? ' and that was that. I'm asking her to homecoming tomorrow at a volleyball game (got all the cheerleaders to hold up the sign) and she has an idea that somethings gonna happen ,she just doesnt know when. Now that was basically the background to the whole situation, i can't seem to get her out of my head. Everytime i text her i get a really really sad feeling in the pit of my stomach if she doesnt reply back almost straight away and im thinking about her almost all day. I know this is not love, more like infatuation, but how does one get rid of these feelings or help prevent them from getting in the way of my regular life. It's like i dont even wanna hang out with my friends anymore since i would rather be with her. But i know to keep my distance, i dont stalk her at all, i never log on facebook to track her, i only ever log onto twitter to tweet and see the daily gossip. Im afraid that these feelings might take over my life if i'm not careful, plus im only 16 (17 next month) so i get it that i have hormones that are raging. Just some advice on how to cope with it, even for a few days cause im pretty sure ill see her at the weekend and the cycle will continue.


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