Aero D – Labrynth (Produced by Stephen Greater)

Download @ Perth hip hop artist Aero D is back with another installment from Dawn : The Mixtape. This song is a amalgamation of a series of relationship experiences with different people, and tries to address each one of them honestly and as a whole. The title "the Labirynth" refers to the emotional maze we walk trying to find Love, and the Walls we put up, both subconsciously and consciously, to protect ourselves and others along that path. lyrics Verse 1 look I'm sorry that I called you up my actions never met my words, guess I talk to much now I just sit here alone, and watch them all do us seems it got a little harder since we all grew up didn't mean to pressure you, I knew you couldn't take it knew that you weren't ready, and I knew I couldn't fake it I had some skeletons and I brought yours to life but it felt to much like sunlight for me to call a night fine line between fall and fly that fickle fear of rejection, don't want to call you mine – just – just want you to know I'm here when it feels like no one does, just want you to know I care fuck a label or ownership I just need the truth I just want you to believe in me like I believe in you I know you couldn't pick up, but I'm just tring to talk I just want to climb and see whats stuck behind the walls Chorus see if these walls could talk I don't know if they'd have much to say I don't know if I could conversate feels the same, I guess nothings changed I was always scared to go backwards but <b>…</b>

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