Advice? Should I text him. Please help?

Tara Asked: Advice? Should I text him. Please help?

I met this guy a few weeks ago. We talked morning. Noon. And night.He ALWAYS texted me
First like at the crack of dawn to say good morning. Then would con't to text me until his bed time. Which was usually around 1a. We would even talk on phone for HOURS on end late at night to the point he'd be nodding off a f I'm like go to bed but his reply I'm fine. He'd send me pics of himself all the time and of what he was doing (especially food he's a chef). We hung out and it was great. Our first date was NINE HOURS long. He was sweet. Arm around me when we walked boardwalk. Or when at aquarium watching animals.Holding hand. Playing picking on me. Like young boys do(he's 28 just so u know). We had a blast. Def a lot
Of chemistry.The walk back to the car he joked and stated him down. And he kissed me. Then as we walked back to car he locked his arm
And requested I put mine thru his. He joked at one point and I tried to remove hand. But he wouldn't let me go.We drove back I showed him my neighborhood and private beach.He kissed me a second time. Them drove him back to his car where we met.He kissed me a third time. It was great.He texted me when he got
Home and next day.Then he got in fight with family. And just was off.I asked of he wanted to be alone. He said NO. So I stayed. But he was miserable. And I kept trying to joke and cheer Him up.Would t work. Asked again of he wanted to go. He said no.We talked thru day and next. But he we still grumpy.I hate seeing others upset so go to all measures to cheer them up. Didn't work. Finally day three after date I was having problems at work. Posted stuff on Facebook cos I was pissed. He texted me offended thinking it was about him.I like no. And had to explain my coworkers are tools. Not him.He was cranky still and was like u need to chill out I didn't peg u to be this kind of person. I'm like I'm not. I was trying to cheer u up and was also having a bad day. He's like I had a fight and needed a few days to sort things out and u kept texting me (mind u I asked several times if he wanted to go and he said no). So I'm like I'm not this way.Can we start over. He's like sure if u don't text me 15xs in 2 mins.I said fair enough and apologized but said he was first person I met that wasn't a creep or loser. So I got excited. I'm like take as much time as you need.It's been two days. I haven't heard from him since. But he is liking photos I post on Facebook. I miss him. We went from talking constantly (remember he always initiated it).To not at all.I'm besides myself. I want to text him. But am afraid.HELP!!!!!!!!!


Deb Answered:
All sounds too difficult. Just leave him be.
BrokenHearted Answered:
I think you should just leave him alone for now. If you text him he'll think you were lying when you said he could take all the time he needed to recover. He'll think you're desperate and clingy. Just let him be. I do the same thing with my boyfriend. I get angry and tell him I need some space. He leaves me alone until I text/call him myself. You have to respect his wishes or he'll lose respect for you. I know it's hard but just wait. You have to. Let him come to you.

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