Advice on first serious date/Smoke weed before it happens?

Asked: Advice on first serious date/Smoke weed before it happens?

Ok so tomorrow I will go to the movies with these REALLY hot girls and one of them is going to Make out with me. I havent really had much experience though so im a LITTLE nervous but not really. So also my friend who smokes weed has this really high quality marijuana that he is willing to share with me, ive never smoked but i have researched and I found out its not too bad for you.
Im just looking to get relaxed and be high the for the first time.

I was planning in getting back from school (Im a good student dont think Im a bum)
Going to the gym and working out
Smoking in a "safe" place with a trustworthy friend, just two- four hits.
Relax for like 20 minutes
Go home, eat, take a shower and get ready for the movies
Let the date go smoothly.

It will probably be 2 hours after i smoked when the movie starts, so i think ill still be a little relaxed.
Is this a good plan? Any advice on the red eye? Smell and will weed affect my "Making out abilities" or impair me? Is it likely the girls will notice Im high or is it easy to act normal?

PS: No comments on "weed is bad for you" Ive done my research and Im a smart guy Im not planning on smoking more than a couple of times in my life.
What do you think of this?

Thanks everyone I appreciate it


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