Advice on asking a classmate out on a date?

Asked: Advice on asking a classmate out on a date?

I am a college student, and this last weekend I went to a school activity where I ran into this girl who is in one of my classes.I had noticed her before, but we'd never talked (other than making eye contact and saying "hi" in passing once).Anyway, her friend asked me to take a picture of them, and while I was taking the picture I noticed that she was in the group.As I handed the camera back, I asked her if she was in my class (wondering if she recognized me), and she said yes.So she had recognized me before, which has to be a good thing.I'm pretty smooth with girls, but for some reason (even though I know nothing about her) I think there's something special about this girl, and I don't want to mess this up, so does anyone have any advice about how they would approach this one? I was thinking about just slowly starting to talk to her more and more, but a part of me just wants to go up to her and boldly say that I find her attractive, and would like to get to know her better. But at the same time, I've literally said less than 10 words to this girl, so I don't want to creep her out.I don't know.What do you guys think? I appreciate it.


be a man and go ask her for coffee! or jst for lunch!
start being a sweet friend and get to know her..
be a gentleman
If you feel that she will be vulnerable, you may try in your endeavour. Good luck.

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