ADVICE: MY CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Asked: ADVICE: MY CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I liked is guy, and in 6th grade he called me pretty. In 7th grade, we would talk occasionly, and he messaged me and said that he had feelings for me. He ask me out and I said no because I thought he was a player. This year, hes ask me out several times. I told him I liked himm but I didnt want to date because I thought he flirted too much.Everything was going fine, and he called me cute&classy, and would smile at me, and even hug me infront of his friends. Hes a VERY popular guy btw. Well he dated this girl from May to August, and them be broke up with her because he still had feelings for me. Hos ex doesnt seem like the type to lie. I sit beside her at lunch, and he rarely ever spoke to her at lunch when he said he liked me.Well on Friday, this is where the problem begun. I hugged another guy. He got PISSED and said WHOA WHOA WHOA WHATS THIS!? He gave me this disspointed look, and walked off. Our convo that night was:
Me: what was wrong earlier!?
Him: you was all on that guy.
Me: i dont like him like that, it was just a hug
Him: ummmm
Me: what?
FACEBOOK SAID HE SEEN THAT MESSAGE FRIDAY. HE NEVER REPLIED. Well monday after this happened, he said to his ex at lunch: HEY I think i seen you saturday!! And was laughing and smiling…he didnt speak to me. Well today at lunch his ex told me he told her he missed her & she needed to talk to him more. what is going on!? I LIKE THIS GUY. He is trying to make me jealous!? Is he mad at me!? Do I need to talk to him…if so tell me what to say. I need some advice ASAP. We are 14 years old.

My questions are: why did he tell her he missed her? Is he jut trying to get her back to make me jealous? What should I do if he talks to me…act normal or ignore him? How do i get him to like ME again!? Please help.


He likes u so he got mad, and he's trying to make I jelus…me personally wud ignore him

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