a little help in the bedroom!?

Aubree Asked: a little help in the bedroom!?

ok, so me and my guyfriend dated about 7 years ago and since then we have been each others best friends. a couple of weeks ago we both decided that we wanted to see each other again. we had sex for the first time last night and it wasnt what i expected. we kissed for a while but he skipped all foreplay and went right into it, and it was over in less than 10 minutes..he was also extremely smaller than anyone ive been with in the past and i got absolutely nothing out of it. i know that size shouldnt be a problem, but ive heard that smaller guys normally make up for it in oral or foreplay but he skipped over all of that. he seemed happy with it and now i just feel a bit akward.
has anyone else been with a really small guy and have any advice on how to make the sex better? also he told me a while back that he doesnt like giving girls oral so i take it thats why he jumped right into it but theres no way i can be happy with no foreplay/oral and not getting anything out of the sex..maybe because i was with my ex for so long and he loved foreplay and was always making sure my needs were met before it was just "done". I really like him and care for him and i would like to be able to have a relationship with him so any advice that could help! (and i already know that sex isnt everything but it plays a big part in a relationship to me)


Bailey Jarriel Answered:
tell him exactly what your feeling when that happens. dont act like your happy with it, if your not than make sure he knows.
who ever said size does not matter is an idiot.They call him shorty.

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