A huge change to my life?

Asked: A huge change to my life?

Okay so its New Years, three months since my wife left and filed for divorce and my life is totally different now.I want to get out into the world I'm done sitting round thinking about the 'What ifs' I would like to go out and meet new people, not to date necessarily although that would be good just to see that there are better women out there for me and they are not all like my ex.I live in London so I'm thinking of joining once of these city socialising websites to hang out with new people after work, has anyone had any experience of these – its a pretty daunting thought being out there again, on my own meeting new people.Does anyone have any ideas or advice – its bloody terrifying to be honest, It just feels like I have all these great ideas about what I want to do but never get round to them they seem great in my head and the fact that I might do them keeps me optimistic but I just end up coming home every night after work and do the same thing, is this normal?


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