A country female duet song from the 2000′s?

Steve G Asked: A country female duet song from the 2000′s?

I'm looking for the song name & the artists for a duet from around 10 years ago. It was with two female singers in their early 20's, one with dark hair was formerly a pop artist, the other women was blonde and probably a newer country artist. The song was almost country/pop. In the video they were singing in a farmhouse, or on the porch and then in a pickup truck (I think).


Kassidy Answered:
Im pretty sure the song you're talking about is a song I love called "leave the pieces" by a duo called "the wreckers". The dark haired girls name is Michelle branch and she was a former pop singer.
zzz Answered:
ThatisTheWreckers, JessicaHarp (blonde)&MichelleBranch (brunette)
Thesongis LeaveThePieces

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